In This Together

Friends, family, followers, faithful wholesale clients, the past weeks have forced us all to face a reality that is stressful, uncertain and unlike anything we have ever known. I have started this post so many times but have been unable to hit “go.” As a small business owner who’s future is uncertain, stressful does not begin to describe what we are feeling and we know we are not alone. And although our news feed has been inundated with heartbreaking news, Covid-19, business closures and lockdowns, I’ve also seen communities growing closer and people sacrificing their own safety to ensure the well-being of those who are ill and many more acts of selfless kindness. And so my hope when all this passes is that we all come out a little bit stronger, a little more patient and acutely more aware of what’s important and what really matters.  We’ve been living fast and seeking instant gratification in all our actions, taking advantage of our environment because it was more convenient for us to do so. In all of the uncertainty and tragedy that this has forced upon our world it has also forced us to slow down and hopefully reevaluate many things. The ripple effects of this will be huge and at this stage no one really knows the extent. But let’s not give up, we will get through this if we do it together with kindness, strength, positivity, patience and support of one another. Take this time to learn new things, soak up the time in close quarters with your family/roommate/partner etc. discovering new activities together, give your skin a break with makeup free days, figure out how to be the most effective at your job while working remotely if that’s an option for you, make a plan as to how to best navigate these uncertain waters, exercise, structure your days as much as possible, let our environment begin to heal with less air & car travel and connect with people in different and creative ways.  

This too shall pass and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a light I would like to believe will be shining just a little bit brighter. 

With love,

Inkwell xx 

Posted On: 02/04/2020

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