A New Kind of Normal

As businesses begin to re-open and our governments try to safely navigate us back to a new kind of normal it can all seem a bit daunting. I'm not sure about you guys but every time I leave home and enter a shop that has more than one other person in it I feel a bit anxious. Our new and hopefully temporary normal all feels a bit abnormal and surreal. Life changed on us practically overnight and has left many of us spinning. Weddings and graduations cancelled, families not being able to be together to celebrate birthdays or Mothers' & Fathers' day. This can leave one feeling empty, disheartened and sad. But let's remember that even though we may not be together in person we can still recognize these important milestones with a beautiful, thoughtfully handwritten card in the mail. And even long after COVID is a story of the past your loved ones will still have their beautiful card to look at time and time again.

With Love,

Inkwell xx 

Posted On: 26/05/2020

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